Questant Enterprises is currently seeking the investment talent of an associate researcher in optics; a PhD in physics would be required and at least ten years experience specializing in optics research is desired.  This position pays no salary but some limited compensation would be available, such as occasional paid tasks assigned by the inventor, reimbursement for expenses incurred to present papers at technical symposia, or the optional opportunity to participate in a limited or full partnership and sharing of future profits.  Duties would be minimal at present pending a major contract award and would consist of the design and execution of occasional optical experiments, preparation of reports and papers, and presentations to potential customers or at technical symposia.  This is an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the greatest revolution in camouflage during this century and is destined to expand into the 21st century with exciting innovations such as holographic projection and orthogonal deception.

     Questant Enterprises is currently seeking the talent of a marketing individual willing to assist in securing contracts in adaptive camouflage.  This person should ideally have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and five years of active marketing experience, preferably with the DoD.  Remuneration would be in the form of percentage fees for contracts secured.

 Interested individuals should contact Richard at 714-267-0511.