Since the publication of “To See The Invisible Man” in 2007 Robert Guffey was busy doing extensive research and documentation of the strange experiences of Dion Fuller in connection with stalking, surveillance, and harassment by unknown parties including apparently invisible entities in and around his apartment. Also, Dion continued to be under scrutiny and questioning by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) with regard to items stolen by an AWOL marine who stayed with Dion for a few days. All of this was documented by Robert and published in March 2015 in the book, Chameleo, and Richard’s previous interview in 2006 is detailed in pages 183-241 of the book along with Dion Fuller. It was strongly suspected that Dion was a guinea pig in some bizarre experimentation with invisibility technology. Since the publication of Chameleo Robert has been the subject of various book reviewers and radio talk show hosts. A joint presentation by Robert and Richard on the subject of Chameleo, the book, as well as Project Chameleo is scheduled for 23 February 2016 at the National Sojourner’s (A Military Masonic Group) Dinner Meeting in Anaheim. Please contact R. Schowengerdt at 714-267-0511 prior to 22 Feb for dinner reservations or for a copy of the presentation entitled “Chameleo The Book By Robert Guffey, The Author, And The Relationship To Project Chameleo By Richard Schowengerdt, The Inventor.”


     In March 2006 Richard Schowengerdt was interviewed in depth by Robert Guffey, a Professor at California State University, Long Beach. The article documenting this interview entitled “To See The Invisible Man” was published in the March 2007 editon of UFO Magazine. The history of Project Chameleo in relationship to other professed inventors of “invisibility” technologies was explored in depth during this interview.


     A paper entitled “Innovations In Electro-Optical Camouflage – PROJECT CHAMELEO” was presented by Richard Schowengerdt at the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS), Specialty Group on Camouflage, Concealment & Deception at the SPARWAR Facility, Charleston, S.C. on 14 February 2005.  A similar but especially tailored presentation was provided to the Strategic Studies Group, Chief of Naval Operations, on 2 March 2005 in Anaheim.  Details concerning this presentation could be requested and might be made available, depending upon the particular application and intended users of this technology.
Recently the climate has changed with regard to military views toward the feasibility of adaptive camouflage.  Both the Army and the Navy have recently expressed an interest in Project Chameleo.  This change of perspective can be largely attributed to the recent advancements in sensor and display technology coupled with the degree of security and control that could be exerted upon the cloaking system using embedded advanced microprocessors in one integrated “smart skin” covering the object.

2004 and older

Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.) Investigations

     Questant Enterprises under the direction of its owner, Richard N. Schowengerdt, and through his attorney has recently launched a very aggressive investigation under the F.O.I.A. – 5 U.S.C. 552 to determine which agencies and contractors within the Department of Defense have utilized Project Chameleo technology within the past ten years, most likely infringing upon Patent No. 5,307,162 Cloaking Using Electro-Optical Camouflage issued on 26 April 1994.  Questant Enterprises was subsequently directed to the Department of the Army where is is suspected that a chameleon-like suit capable of adapting to the background as part of their “Futuristic Soldier” Program is being developed.  There are also underground reports coming out that adaptive camouflage is being tested in Area 51 and elsewhere which have not yet been corroborated.

Setting The Record Straight

     Although Questant Enterprises pioneered in electro-optical and optoelectronic adaptive camouflage as early as 1992 there have been several newcomers into this field who have completely ignored the prior art presented by R. N. Schowengerdt, Dr. Felix Schweizer, and Dr. Lev Berger.  These newcomers have either not taken the time to search the Internet and provide proper credit to Schowengerdt, Schweizer, and Berger or deliberately ignored the prior art and presented their concepts and designs as if they were the original inventors of “adaptive camouflage.”  Several examples of this gross negligence of proper academic protocol are shown below and in the new PROJECT CHAMELEO HISTORY Section below.

A so-called “discovery” of Project Chameleo type technology has also recently been reported in Japan by Professor Susumu Tachi of Tokyo University.

  Invisible Man

     Fortunately there are astute individuals such as the notable patent attorney Mr. Lawrence A. Husick, Esq., who corrected Time Magazine on their failure to provide proper credit to Richard N .Schowengerdt. Mr. Husick’s message to Time Magazine is shown below.


Date:            11/10/03 8:03 AM

Received:    11/10/03 8:07 AM

From:           Lawrence A.Husick,


Editor, TIME Magazine


As a patent attorney, I read your new inventions feature with much interest. One item,

however, is neither new, nor properly credited.  “The Invisible Man” camouflage system is the

subject of U.S. Patent 5,307,162, entitled “Cloaking System Using Optoelectronically

Controlled Camouflage” issued to to Richard Schowengerdt on April 26, 1994.

Regrettably, errors such as yours, in crediting Susumu Tachi, Masahiko Inami and Naoki

Kawakami are often responsible for patent litigation that could have been avoided by conducting

a simple search of the “prior art.” This invention has been featured on our Law Firm website

under “Interesting Inventions” since 1999.

Lawrence A. Husick


     In view of the above developments Questant Enterprises has found it necessary to “set the record straight”and document the history of adaptive camouflage below.  Questant Enterprises challenges any and all contenders to step forward and attempt to prove otherwise by demonstrating earlier work.


     In 1992 Questant Enterprises entered into an extensive dialogue with DARPA (Dr. Thomas Hafer) and presented an unsolicited proposal involving adaptive electro-optical camouflage.

Development of Cloaking System For Electro-Optical Camouflage

     Dr. Hafer subsequently pointed out various technical problems that  he felt needed to be solved before a successful implementation could be realized.  Correspondence relative to these developments are on the below link.

Project Chameleo Correspondence – Circa 1992 and Later 

     R. N. Schowengerdt and Dr. Felix Schweizer then performed additional studies and provided solutions to several of these problems and indicated how mission scenarios could be designed to avoid more difficult situations.  The landmark presentation below was made in April 1993 during the High Leverage Technologies Session at FIESTACROW 93, Enhancing The Value Of Electronic Warfare, in San Antonio, Texas, sponsored by the Association Of Old Crows, the world premier society for the advancement of electronic warfare, and the United States Air Force Joint Electronic Warfare Center.  The full text of the published article authored by Richard N. Schowengerdt and Dr. Felix Schweizer has been available for many years for download on this site in Visioneer format but is now available below in the more popular Power Point format along with the original slide presentation.

Project Chameleo – Cloaking Using Electro-Optical Camouflage- Presentation 

Orthogonal Projection Concealment Apparatus, U.S. Patent 6,333,726 and Mr. Ray M. Alden


In addition, to add insult to injury MGM came out with the movie

Die Another Day – James Bond


wherein an automobile utilizing “adaptive camouflage” was utilized with no prior credit given to the original developers. Although we understand that use of previously patented concepts in movies is not a violation of the patent laws, Questant Enterprises was not consulted and MGM has not answered correspondence inquiring about consultants they may have used in the making of this movie.

     All of the aforementioned situations are currently under investigation in view of the fact that the 1994 Project Chameleo patent outlining and describing all of these applications clearly precedes that of the other inventors.


Dr. Lev Berger

     Dr. Lev Berger is a well known researcher and author of semiconductor technology publications and is a regular contributor to physics handbook revisions.  Dr. Berger has provided some very valuable assistance in expanding the commercial and industrial applications of Project Chameleo technology which are described in the Executive Summary referenced in the Project Description.  Dr. Berger’s facility in Hemet is available for research and testing of a wide variety of products, systems, and materials. See his home page at the California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science. On 23 March 1999 Richard and Lev made a presentation entitled “Physical Aspects of Electro-Optical Camouflage at the American Physical Society Centennial in Atlanta, Georgia, as detailed at pcaps99atla.ppt.

Video Tape

An exciting simulation of the Project Chameleo concept as narrated by Bob Fletcher, investigative reporter, commenting on a TLC Discovery Channel presentation, is now available. This is part of a full length video tape entitled “EXOTIC WEAPONS” which may be purchased from Bob Fletcher, P.O. Box 216, Bayview, ID 83803.  Only personal checks or money orders are accepted; for a catalog of products or other questions contact Mr. Fletcher at:

Below is an excerpt from this tape illustrating the Project Chameleo concept:

Invisible Warrior 2025